Boat Lifts and Accessories

Boat lifts


From 2,000 to 50,000 lb capacity boat lifts for all boats



A boat lift canopy protects your boat for harmful weather elements

PWC Lifts


We offer a variety of styles of lifts to protect your Jet Ski , Waverunner or Seadoo

Seaplane Lifts


Protect your seaplane with a platform lift, with almost 20 years of aviation back ground we can help design your perfect moorage

Used & Refurbished lifts


Wether you are fixing an older lift or want a less expensive option for that older boat we can help 



To make moorage easier we offer a variety of boat lift accessories to help

Basta lift models

2,000 lb. capacity


The ultimate PWC lift, the Basta 2k lift make mooring easy!  Also a great lift for smaller boats under 15 ft.

4,500 lb capacity


Our entry level lift is best suited for runabouts and tournament boats under 20 ft.

7,000 capacity


Our most popular lift is offered in a 52 and 64 inch height making this lift one of our favorites for larger runabouts and wake boats

8,000 lb capacity


One step up from the 7k , the 8K lift is offered in 53, 65 and a 72 inch heights.  More than capacity, it offers greater rigidity. The single stainless steel cylinder allows for the fastest, most reliable larger capacity boat lift on the market. Works with wide variety of adjustable bunks. Boats up to 26’.

10,000 lb Capacity


Available with 53″ or 65″ Vertical Lift.  Typically used with large runabouts, cuddy cabins, pilothouse boats, cabin cruisers and heavier off-shore fishing boats. Boats up to 28’.

Form 12,000 - 50,000 lb. capacity


Basta Boatlifts custom designs and builds lifts for large boats and yachts, seaplanes and custom platforms.


Basta Canopies


Robustly designed for a variety of weather conditions, Basta Solo™ canopies reduce the damaging effects of sunlight and weather. Unlike many other canopies, the Solø™ is laced on for a drum-tight fit and a crisp, clean look that gets noticed.

Custom aluminum frame canopy


  • Light weight for easy installation and removal
  • High-grade custom interlocking marine-grade aluminum extrusions (standard)
  • Our exclusive dove-tail design for easy assembly

Adaptable to any lift


  • 100% free of fracture-prone welds or castings
  • Lace-on installation for a drum-tight fit and a crisp, clean look
  • Sizes from 22 feet to 39 feet in length



Beautiful Weblon™ solid color-vinyl (standard) as well as optional Patio 500™ translucent vinyl and SunBrella™ fabrics.

Most popular colors


Here are our most popular colors, if you would like something else please let us know, we have a rainbow of options

Sizes and Pricing


From 22 ft to 39 ft we offer 10 and 12 ft widths to fit you lift or boat slip.

Personal water craft lifts

1400 lb. cap. dock mount manual lift


The 1,400 lb. Capacity Personal Water Craft Lift attaches directly to fixed piers and bulkheads. Available with 60″ and 84″ vertical lift

The manual winch wheel allows for easy lifting.  Made from 6061-T6 marine grade aluminum, the frame will provide years of convenience and safety.

2,000 lb. Capacity Boat Lift – PWC Lift


PWC Lift /Boat lift is a favorite choice for owners two or three-seater PWCs, small fishing boats, small jet boats, and rigid-hull inflatables. Popular and versatile, lifts boats up to 14’. No power needed with this solar charged self-contained power unit.

Low Voltage Solar charger


Hydraulic power unit is housed in a strong and attractive white fiberglass dock box with stainless steel hardware and lockable lid

Two wireless remote control key fobs

The power box features manual control switches

12 Watt solar panel 

The hydraulics use a special long-life, environmentally friendly fluid

Great for smaller crafts


For desired wheel height, adjust the the dock plate.  Five foot carpeted bunks keep your vessel snug and safe.

Optional bow stop and centering guides


The 2k40 and 2k50 free-standing, self-contained boat lifts features our patented Over-Center™ gravity locking design with Balanced Load™ H-frame technology to keep your boat secure. 

Dual PWC lift w/ Catwalk


Legato Bushings™ allow pivot points to be tighter and operate more smoothly. High strength polymer construction eliminates metal-to-metal contact reducing electrolysis, extending the life of the boat lift.

Pontoon lifts

Tri-toon bunk kit


Provides an adjustable bunk system for a tritoon boat. Complete with 4 centering guides.

Tri-toon lift w/ catwalk


Shallow water has it moorage challenges, this Catwalk allows moorage 20 ft from the existing dock

Perfect fit


Adjustable bunks allow options for all pontoon boats

Dual toon w/ carpeted bunks


Like the Tri- kit the dual kit is built with two sets of bunks vs three 

Bunk kits for every lift


If you have an older lift thats ok, we can adapt to suit your pontoon with retro fit custom bunk kits

Carpeted steel internal guides


internal pontoon guides help align your boat with ease 

SeaPlane lifts

P66 Seaplane Lift 10' x 12' Platform


Typically used with a Cesna 185
6,000 lbs. Gross Capacity

P87 Seaplane Lift 14' x 16' Platform


Typically used with a DeHaviland DHC-2 Beaver
8,000 lbs. Gross Capacity


Centering guides


Centering guides for boat lifts are designed with flexible vertical guides that gently center your boat over the boat lift. Centering Guides provide a constant reference point for forward/aft placement of the boat over the boat lift when storing your boat.

Bow Stop


Bow Guides help position your boat forward to aft on the  boat lift. Line up your boat and know that you hit your mark.

Bow Guides are manufactured in aluminum with an attractive PVC end. Increase your confidence when mooring your boat!

Catwalk 2' x 14' w/ adjustable legs


Solid aluminum framework with non-slip decking provides easier access to your boat or Personal Water Craft. Catwalk frames attach to the top of a Connector Kit or Catwalk Support Brackets.

Deep water brace kit


Stabilize your boat lift in moderate to deep water installations. This Sway Brace Kit attaches to your boat lift legs and provides a solid Sway Brace also called a Cross Brace (X Brace) on all four sides.

Dual adjustable bunks


Provides horizontal adjustability along with an extra carpeted bunk board on each side of your existing bunk boards. Great for offsetting the strake ribs on the hull or for providing additional support for wooden boats.

Load Guides


Load Guides are available for both galvanized steel and aluminum boat lifts. They include horizontal carpeted guides which gently center your boat over the boat lift.